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The navy pleated skirt

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

The navy pleated midi skirt is a relatively new addition to my workwear wardrobe and I’ve been loving wearing it. As the fit of this skirt is less restrictive than a pencil skirt I feel more carefree when I wear it and that’s no bad thing. The pleats create volume and a nice swishy silhouette when you walk. I love that this skirt has a contemporary yet classic feel. The navy colour works well really for this type of flowy skirt as it’s softer than black. I don’t subscribe to the ‘black and blue never do’ rule. I think dark colours naturally work well together. I often team this skirt with my black long-sleeve top. The length and pleats of the skirt make a statement so I keep the rest of my look minimal to let the skirt be the focus of the outfit. I don’t think you need to be tall to wear this type of skirt but I do think that length is key. Generally the most flattering length is when the hem of the skirt sits at mid-shin height, where your legs start to narrow towards your ankles. I was reluctant to put this skirt in the washing machine for fear that it would lose its pleats but I’m relieved to say that this wasn’t the case. It washes well and the pleats hold up when you dry it hanging up. 

The skirt I’m wearing in the image above is from Arket. It has a solid waistband and a concealed zip fastening. It is still available online. The John Lewis & Partners Sun Ray pleat midi skirt is a great alternative. It has an elasticated waist which makes it easier to achieve the length you want by moving where the waistband sits. Who doesn’t love an elasticated waistband? Especially after a big lunch! This skirt is currently on sale.

Pleated midi skirts are versatile and also look great worn more casually. Teamed with a leather biker jacket, t-shirt and trainers creates a relaxed but still put together off-duty look. In the coming colder months, I’ll wear this skirt with an oversized jumper and black boots. I like the contrast of a floaty skirt with a heavy leather boot. Wearing this skirt casually also brings down the cost per wear which is a big plus. 


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