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Best 3 buys of 2021

Last year, I was much more intentional about the purchases I made. Being intentional meant considering the following for each item I bought:

- Is it filling a gap in my wardrobe?

- How much wear/use will I get from it?

- Will it work with other pieces in my wardrobe?

- Can I buy it pre-loved?

Going through the above criteria helped me keep on track and avoid impulse buys (for the most part). There was a few sneaky buys that slipped through the cracks but I'm not beating myself up about those. I've been reflecting on the the items I bought last year and which ones I've got the most wear/use out of.


I bought these black trousers from COS in November because I was missing a pair of black tailored trousers from my wardrobe. They looked like a good wardrobe staple but it was only when they arrived that I realised how beautiful the quality is and how well they're cut. The fabric feels incredible and they hang beautifully when I'm wearing them. Most importantly, they're comfortable. If you want them to sit high on your waist then size down as the waist comes up a bit big. If you're in the market for black tailored trousers, I highly recommend these. Annoyingly they keep selling out but I have it on good authority that the H&M Group (which COS is part of) restock online on Thursdays so it's worth saving the page and refreshing it then.


I bought a silk pillowcase in August from John Lewis after hearing that they're good for your hair and skin. With silk being smoother and softer than cotton it doesn't rub against your hair and skin. As the silk pillowcase is cool there's no need to flip the pillow in the middle of the night to the cool side. My skin and hair seem to really like the pillowcase as I don't wake up with pillow creases on my face or hair breakage. I also sleep so much better with my silk pillowcase, so much so that I travel with it. A silk pillowcase may seem indulgent but if you consider cost per use it's great value for money. Many places sell silk pillowcases, just make sure you get a 100% silk one as there are lots of satin ones being sold as silk (satin will just make you sweat loads).


I was introduced to the brand ARQ via Instagram. ARQ is a family-owned sustainable brand

that create organic cotton underwear. If there's one thing I have no time for it's uncomfortable underwear. There is a lot of hype around ARQ underwear so I was really interested to try their pieces out for myself. The only UK stockist I've found is Our Daily Edit and they sell out really quickly. I bought the wide strap bra in the colour bubblegum in June. It's a really simple bra with no fussy underwire and provides great coverage without cutting in to your shoulders. It's really comfortable and doesn't rub. The bra is a game changer. The ARQ site gives sizing guidance as they're sold in S,M,L etc rather than standard bra sizing like 34A, 36B. I love the bra so much that I later bought it in the colours verdant and cotton.

My tip is to sign up for Our Daily Edit emails (they don't spam you) to find out when the next ARQ drop will be.


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