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Ace & Prince

Ace & Prince is an online lifestyle brand that launched in October 2019. The brand was created by stylist Chloe Forde and former model Heidi Murray. The brand offering includes candles and children's leisurewear sets. Ace & Prince have recently launched adult leisurewear and pouches. Their signature product is the striped sustainable tote bag. The bags are made from recycled nylon, naturally dyed and are available in the most incredible colours.

I was introduced to Ace & Prince on Instagram. The ever-stylish Alex Stedman (The Frugality) posted a shot where she was holding one of the bags. It was love at first sight. I’ve been following the brand ever since and it has been a joy to witness the success of the brand and the expansion of their product range.

I bought my first Ace & Prince tote bag in December 2019 as a birthday present from me to me and I wasn’t disappointed. The bag is brilliant and the colours are so vivid. As a person that wears a lot of neutral coloured clothing, this bag is great for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise subdued look. On some of the bags the colour-way on the side panels differs slightly to the front and back panels which is a nice touch. The bags are boxed at the base which means you can fit an incredible amount in them. They are tardis-like. I use my bag for the weekly food shop, taking parcels to the post office and pretty much any activity where I have to carry more than will fit in my handbag.

I love the bag so much that I bought one for my mum and another for my mother-in-law. The bag makes for a great gift because in addition to looking great and being made from recycled material, it’s so practical. At £34 I think this is a reasonable price for such a stylish and standout piece.

Another aspect of Ace & Prince that I appreciate is that it’s a socially conscious brand. Given current world events the brand now donate a portion of tote bag sales to charity (The Whittington Hospital or The Stephen Lawrence Foundation).

In summary, the tote bags are amazing, as is the ethos of the brand. I recently bought one of their newly launched pouches and, unsurprisingly, it’s a hit. I use it to carry my smaller pieces like keys and lip balm that I usually struggle to find in my handbag. As it’s brightly coloured it’s also easy to spot in my handbag. I’m tempted to buy some of their leisurewear that was released a couple of weeks ago so watch this space.

Instagram: @aceandprince

TIP: These stylish tardis-like tote bags sell out really fast. Follow Ace & Prince on Instagram to hear about the latest releases then act fast. Don’t dilly-dally over which colour to buy because before you know it they’ll be sold out. I learned that the hard way. Good luck and let me know if you get one of the bags.


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