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All about coats

I’m a self-confessed coataholic. Teddy coats, crombie coats, pea-coats, trench coats… It’s fair to say that I love coats. As I live in Scotland, where it’s cold more often than not, I can always find a way to justify a new coat. A well cut flattering coat can make a statement and we feel good when we look good. I see coats as a way to finish and outfit rather than cover it up.

This blog post focuses on wool overcoats and what I look for when investing in a coat that I wear to the office. I have kept this blog post concise, as I could write pages worth on coats. I don’t think the perfect coat exists, which is probably why I have so many, however there are a few key aspects I look for when I’m looking for a coat:


Choosing a colour can be tricky because there are so many beautiful coloured coats. I stick with classic colours such as black, blue, grey, dark green, red and camel. I make a beeline for coats in these colours when I’m shopping in store. If I’m looking online I filter by these colours to avoid the inevitable temptation of a brightly coloured patterned coat. You can have your coat colour matched to your skin tone but I prefer to go with what looks and feels good on me. Although a classic colour coat may seem uninteresting, you are less likely to tire of it and wear it year after year. I add a colourful scarf if I want to change up the look.

Style and length

I favour classic silhouettes such as a wrap, cocoon and fitted coats as these are more timeless and transcend the trends. If you regularly wear knee-length skirts and dresses I’d avoid buying a coat that sits mid-thigh. I wear coats that sit at my knee or lower as these work well with my wardrobe as well as keeping me warmer than a shorter coat.


Oversized coats are cosy and great for layering. I also think oversized coats look very chic. As I have super long arms it can be difficult to find coats with long enough sleeves so I prefer wearing coats that are slightly oversized or a size up. Another benefit of an oversized or upsized coat is that in the bitterly cold months (usually January and February) you can wear another jacket underneath such as a leather jacket. This keeps you warmer and adds another dimension to your look.

A non-negotiable

Pockets. All the coats I own have pockets. I don’t know what I’d do with my hands if I didn’t have pockets to ram them inside. I specifically look for coats with deep pockets. As well as being great for keeping your hands warm, deep pockets also act as useful storage for your hat and gloves when you’re indoors. I’m on a self-imposed coat buying ban but if I wasn’t these are some of the ones I’d consider buying:

None of these have affiliate links.

The Mango lapels wool coat (REF. 51050893-BURNS-S-LM) in black is beautiful. The wool composition is 50%. I love the longline style and the side vent detail. It also has deep patch pockets. There is currently 30% at Mango.

The H&M knee-length wool-blend coat (product code 0763323003) is an amazing shade of khaki green. It is part of the H&M premium range and the wool composition is 75%. The wide lapels and drop shoulders are incredibly chic.

The Darcey Drawn Belted Wrap Coat by Whistles is 68% wool and beautiful. The texture is lovely as is the shade of grey. Like Mango there is 30% off.

The Jennie coat by Weekday is a classic cocoon coat in black (product code 0796180001). It’s 44% wool and has an oversized style. For a super oversized coat, the Charley coat in beige is perfect.

If there is one wardrobe item you’ll wear again and again it’s a coat. This is why coats are a wardrobe staple that I am happy to invest in. The coat I’m wearing in the image is from Acne Studios and I managed to buy it in the sale. I’m not advocating spending an exorbitant amount of money on a coat but if you consider cost per wear over the years the price may seem more reasonable. I’ve timed this blog post to coincide with Black Friday so I hope these tips have been helpful and maybe you can grab a bargain if you’re looking to invest in your wardrobe. When looking for a coat, go with your instincts. If it’s in your budget, makes you feel good and you know you’ll wear it year after year then go for it. If you have any questions just add a comment below.


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