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My autumn staples

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Three of my autumn staples in one look

The term transitional dressing is used frequently at this time of year as we move from summer to autumn. In Edinburgh the change to autumn can sometimes feel more like a jolt than a transition. Nevertheless autumn is my favourite season for dressing. I love layering pieces, wearing chunkier shoes and focusing more on accessories. As the weather can be unpredictable it can be tricky to know what to wear during this transitional period. In this blog post I’m focusing on the three transitional pieces I’ve been wearing on repeat.

1. Trench coat – The trench coat is synonymous with autumn and is a wardrobe must for the season. It’s a timeless classic that suits most ages and body types. As trench coats are utilitarian inspired, they instantly smarten up an outfit. The key things I look for in a good trench coat are a classic colour (navy, green or beige), simple style with no embellishment and a high cotton composition. Navy, dark green and beige all work well for trench coats as they are timeless colours so it down to personal preference which you go for. I avoid any embellishment as these tend to be more trend-led and I know I won’t get the wear out of them in years to come. A high cotton content will give the coat more weight which means its less likely to crease. I’m a big fan of easy care clothing! The trench coat I’m wearing in the image is from M&S and unfortunately is no longer available. I bought it a couple of years ago instore from the M&S. There was a woman, who looked to be in her 70s, trying on the same style coat at the same time as me and we had a great chat about sizing and fit before both buying the coats. I think the cross generational appeal of this coat is testament to how classic this style of coat is. There are several great trench coats available on the high street. The M&S Pure Cotton Double Breasted Trench Coat is beautiful. It is navy, has tortoiseshell buttons and is vented at the back which creates a more flattering silhouette when belted.

2. Cashmere jumper – A cashmere crewneck jumper is such a versatile piece. I didn’t used to buy cashmere jumpers because of the cost and they seemed like a faff to look after but now I wouldn’t be without one. Although they do take a bit of extra care (this will be in a future blog post), it’s definitely worth it. Cashmere is so good because it keeps you warm but is incredibly lightweight and it feels super soft against your skin. Although you can pay hundreds for a cashmere jumper I don’t think you have to pay an exorbitant amount for a good quality one. The jumper I’m wearing in the image is from Uniqlo. Uniqlo women’s cashmere crew neck jumper is great. It comes in lots of different colours and looks good with workwear and casually with jeans. I think it is reasonably priced for a 100% cashmere jumper and they often reduce the price by £20 for a limited period so if you sign up to the Uniqlo newsletter you hear first when this happens. The men’s version is also great if, like me, you have long arms or prefer the jumper to be longer in the body.

3. Leather laced shoe – These shoes are typically called oxfords, derbys or brogues (when they have decorative perforations). These are traditionally a more masculine style. I love wearing this style of shoe when the weather gets a bit cooler, as they feel sturdy and a cover more of my foot. Bizarrely I also feel more confident when I wear this style of shoe. An added bonus is that they act as a good anchor when it’s windy! I think the key to these shoes looking effortless and modern is a black leather (or leather alternative) and a rounded or squared-off toe. The shoes I am wearing in the image are from Miista and are still available. I bought them during a recent trip to Paris. They’re mega chunky and really comfortable. A great rounded toe alternative are the Kiomi lace ups.

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Hopefully this has been helpful!


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