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Stalf is a sustainable clothing brand founded by Paris Hodson in 2015. The name Stalf is an abbreviation for Stella and Alf, the names of Paris’ grandparents. They inspired the creation of her brand as they were part of a generation who didn’t just wear a garment once, for one season, simply because it was in fashion. Their clothes were selected and saved for, worn, repaired and recycled. The ethos of Stalf is that they make clothes that women can live in every day. The Stalf site has lots of information on the Stalf studio where the garments are made, the Stalf team and a beautiful video on the story behind the Stalf name.

I was first introduced to Stalf in November 2019 when I visited their pop-up shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. The women working there were so passionate about the brand, the garments and spoke really highly of Paris. The shop was full of beautiful garments such as linen shorts, striped sweatshirts, knitted hats and their popular Cocoon Jumpsuit. I tried on the jumpsuit, which was lovely but slightly short in length for my tall frame. As the garments are made to order you can add or deduct 2 inches from the length of many of their pieces to achieve the perfect fit. As Stalf products are usually sold online, I loved having the opportunity to see and touch the garments while learning more about the brand from some of the women that work for Stalf.

Last month I bought the gathered dress in petal pink. A pale pink maxi dress in 100% linen (of course, it has pockets!). I usually wear trousers and neutral tones, so this was quite a departure for me. The dress is beautiful. It is designed to be worn loose and skim the body without feeling tight. There is a lot of fabric in the dress however it doesn’t feel heavy. I love it. It’s minimal but makes a statement and I’m really impressed with the quality.

Sizing is inclusive and runs from a small to extra-large (UK size 6 to a size 20). The site helpfully shows the garments worn by Stalf customers of different sizes to help you find your perfect fit. I ordered a size small with 2 inches added to the length.

Stalf is a brilliant brand for staples like linen trousers, simple blouses and cami dresses that you’ll wear again and again. As they’re so classic they won’t date. I think all the pieces are perfect for working from home too as they are made from natural breathable fabrics such as organic cotton and linen. All the garments have a large and simple brand label on the back which I love. I wear my dress with pride, and I’m delighted to feel part of the Stalf family.




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