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The black long-sleeve top

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

The black long-sleeved top has been a surprise favourite in my wardrobe over the past few months. It’s so basic that I almost forgot to include it in this series. When defining the key pieces I wear on repeat to work (this will be a future blog post) this top kept coming up. The beauty of this top is its simplicity. As it’s black it works with pretty much everything. The crew neck and the full length sleeves make it look smart but not fussy. I tend to wear these tops with a fitted silhouette however I know this isn’t for everyone. They also look great more oversized when they have a higher cotton content as you can create more volume when you tuck them in to a skirt or trousers. They are effectively long-sleeve t-shirts. Comfort is key so stick with whichever fabric and silhouette that feels good for you.

I love that this style of top is so simple it allows other items you’re wearing to stand out, for example a statement necklace. This top is like the backing singer and the statement necklace is the main act. Together they work in harmony. In colder months, or if the air conditioning in the office is blowing a gale, I like wearing this style of top under a white shirt. Having the cuffs of the top peeking out from the white shirt sleeves also creates a point of difference to the look. I'll feature this look on my instagram next week. The black long-sleeved top I’m wearing in the images is from And Other Stories and is no longer available but I have found some similar ones. The long-sleeve merino top by Arket is 100% wool. This top is slightly transparent though so wearing a black vest underneath would make it more office appropriate. The H&M long-sleeved top is 95% cotton, 5% elastane and completely opaque.

The black long-sleeved top was the unsung hero of my workwear wardrobe. It’s so simple that I’ve been wearing it without even thinking about it. That’s a sign of a true wardrobe staple.


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